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Williston Beautification | Cabinet Art

The Williston Beautification | Cabinet Art project was Caitlin Pallai’s Leadership Williston project (Leadership Class of 2017-18). The project’s purpose was to enhance Williston by introducing more public art in a way that did not require new infrastructure. Rather, existing objects were transformed into colorful canvases around town.

In the summer of 2018, 14 city-owned traffic signal cabinets from 1st Street West to 18th Street West were wrapped with vibrant, anti-graffiti vinyl produced and installed by Bozeman, MT based Clean Slate Group. These wraps feature high resolution images of paintings, photography, and mixed media and follow the overall theme of “Visions of the Region.” The 12 selected artists range in age from 16 to 71 and are from the Williston and Watford areas. Pallai organized a selection committee that reviewed over 100 submissions and presented its findings to the City. With City approval, the same committee assigned artwork to the identified cabinets.

Selected artists and their artwork include:

Lino Azevedo – Teddy R.
Daphne Clark – Branding Day
Tycee Evans – Williston Heartland
Larene “Lily” Grondahl – Sunflowers
Philip Hale – Spring Lake Park Abstract
Olivia Hamrick – Wildflower
Diana Jaszczak – Aussie Adventures
Garrett Johnsrud – Badlands, The Milk House, & Shed
Onesti Krieger – Waters
Danae Muscha – Painted Badlands
Kaitlyn Rehak – Windy Sunset
Phyllis Sederquest – Many Dreams & Catch A Dream

Inspiration for the project came from Pallai’s hometown of Sequim, WA where the city decorated traffic signal cabinets for a local centennial celebration. Originally a three-cabinet proposal, the project grew to 14 cabinets spanning from historical downtown to the planned Sloulin Field redevelopment area. This project was supported by the City of Williston’s STAR Fund and the Williston Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

To read about each artist and the inspiration for their work, please click here.
Lino Azevedo_TeddyR
Daphne_Clark_Branding Day_WillistonProject
Philip Hale_ River
Olivia_Hamrick_Wildflower_Williston project
Diane Jaszczak_A boy and his dog
Onesti_Krieger_Waters_Williston project
Danae_Muscha_Painted Badlands_WillistonProject
Kaitlyn_Rehak_Windy Sunset_Williston Project