City of Williston construction updates

PW Project Updates-InstaWILLISTON, N.D. – The following are the latest progress updates on the remaining 2020 construction season projects throughout the City of Williston.

16th Avenue West Extension
Seeding alongside the 16th Avenue West extension is ongoing and will be completed this week.

A variety of trees have been planted and include different species of deciduous trees and two spruce varieties. Planter boxes for these trees will also be completed this week.

In addition, signage for the 10-foot-wide trail that runs alongside 16th Avenue West is being installed.

Lighting for the street and trail is scheduled to be installed by the first part of December, with the necessary underground wiring in place.

42nd Street and 32nd Avenue West
Last week, temporary striping was placed on the 42nd Street extension and its 32nd Avenue West connection. Shoulders were also installed.

This week includes general clean up and fog sealing the pavement surface.

Fog sealing is a coating of an asphalt emulsion, a thin liquid oil, to an existing pavement surface to seal and preserve the underlying pavement structure. A fog seal also gives the pavement a deep, rich black color.

Following signage installation later this week or early next, 42nd Street and 32nd Avenue West will open to public use, tentatively scheduled for the end of next week.

Both roads are slated to have curb and gutter, a 5-foot sidewalk on the north side, and a 10-foot walking path on the south side.

A semi-temporary surface, 42nd Street and its 32nd Avenue connection will be widened by about 5 feet in the future with available budget, likely 2022. This will also include permanent striping with epoxy paint.

4th Avenue West
All concrete work is complete. This week is dedicated to clean up, top soiling, landscaping and grass seeding.

By the end of this week, all barriers will be removed and all roads in the area open.

34th Street West
Curb and gutter and sidewalk are installed with clean up work ongoing. Landscaping and lighting will be introduced in the future.

Currently, 34th Street West does not extend beyond the old Sloulin Field International Airport Terminal.

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