Chip Seal Update

PW - Misc Road Projects-Chip Seal-InstaCity of Williston Public Works is out again today working on chip sealing identified roads.

Everything south of 18th Street to 11th Street from University to 2nd Avenue is up for chip sealing today.

Tomorrow will be roads east of University and west of E. Dakota Parkway, and east of E. Highland Drive to 11th (but not including 11th).

As areas are chip sealed, they won’t be available for parking for about an hour. To help out, please do not park on the street in the above areas.

Chip sealing is a type of asphalt surface treatment and is a fast moving process.

First, a layer of asphalt emulsion is applied, followed by a layer of crushed rock or “chips,” followed by rollers which push the chips into the binder.

A chip seal helps seal any narrow cracks and provides a protective layer to the underlying pavement.