Police Department

David Peterson
Chief of Police

Peterson 3 blue black SMALLEST

Steven Armstrong
Deputy Chief

Armstrong 5 edit blue black

Rodney Dickerson
Operations Captain

rodney dickerson blue black crop web

Steven Gutknecht
Investigations Captain

Steve Gutknecht Blue Backgroung CROP WEB 510 340

Randy Haugenoe
Administrative Lieutenant

The Williston Police Department is committed to the citizens of Williston to provide fair and equitable law enforcement to all persons. We pledge to treat all persons with dignity and respect, and will continually strive to meet their needs. We will provide a professional, effective, and timely response to the needs of the community regarding law enforcement issues, and other community issues. We will operate the Williston Police Department with fiscal prudence, and yet maintain a professional well-trained staff to provide the highest level of service and protection to the community.

Service: We provide quality, professional service to every citizen we contact.
Responsiveness: We are here to respond to the needs of our community. In doing so, we assure that we are responsive to all requests for our service.
Integrity: The integrity of the Williston Police Department is reflective to each    member of our organization. We must be mindful of this responsibility at all times.
Safety: Our goal is to ensure all those who live and work in the City of Williston are safe.
Professionalism: We will provide quality, professional service while being responsive to the needs of our community. We will do this with integrity and assure that all citizens have a sense of safety. In doing so, we will be recognized as the professional organization we strive to be.

The Williston Police Department is committed to providing high quality police services to the community through community partnerships, problem solving strategies, innovation, creativity, adaptability to an ever-changing environment, and leadership through highly trained and disciplined employees. We recognize that our most valuable resource in this commitment is our people and we strive to create a positive working atmosphere where creativity and participation are promoted.