Wellness Information for Employees

Human Resources

The City of Williston is partnering with Profile by Sanford.

Profile by Sanford is a weight-loss program that customizes a program for you while providing one-on-one coaching, smart technology to track progress, and assistance with healthy food options.  They even have a test using genetics to help you establish a nutrition plan tailor-made for you.   They have many different locations, the closest to us is in Bismarck, however they also offer a virtual home-based program through webinars, phone calls, email, etc.

They also offer a Money-Back promise.   Profile by Sanford guarantees that our employees will lose 15% OR MORE of their body weight in 20 coaching visits or fewer – or they will refund your membership fee!   Give them a call and schedule a consultation. 

The City of Williston partnership could save you $100 off your membership fee!  Check it out!