Temporary Shut Off of Water Services Online Application

Finance Department

Temporary Shut Off of Water Services Application

Use this application if you wish to temporarily suspend water services due to an extended time away from home.  Please allow three business days for changes to take affect.

The following conditions apply to temporary water suspensions:

*  Please be advised that if services are discontinued for any reason, a $25 Reconnect Fee will be charged to the account.

*  Normal water usage fees will be charged during the first month of water shut-off and will only be pro-rated if the term of the shut off goes beyond the first monthly billing date after service is suspended.

*  Water is shut off at the curbside by Public Works.

Other monthly fees will continue to be due while water service is suspended. It is advisable to provide us with a temporary forwarding address for mail delivery as your utility bill must still be paid on time in order to avoid late fees.


Business Name
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Service Address:
Water Utilities
Account Number:
Date to Stop Services:
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Temporary Forwarding Address: 
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