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Move In - Start Water & Utilities Services Application

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Have you purchased (own) the property or are you renting?

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If you are renting, a $50.00 security deposit is required. Deposits may be paid by credit card payment by calling the Water Department at 701 577-8105 (a $3.00 credit card fee will apply), or pay in person at the Water Department located at 22 E Broadway. Service request will not be processed until deposit is received.

If this property is rented, provide landlord's name: 

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Optional:  Automatic Payment Sign Up

Here's how it works:  You will receive your usual utility bill with the amount owed and usage costs, but it will also have printed on it "Do Not Pay - Account Has Been Drafted."  Your money will be withdrawn automatically from your account generally on the 3rd business day of each month by the financial institution. To sign up for automatic payments, please fill in the bank information below. By providing your bank account information and electronically submitting this form, you are authorizing the City of Williston to collect payment of your utility bill by initiating debit entries (deductions) to the bank account. This authorization will continued to be in force until discontinued by your written request. In the event there are non-sufficient funds available, a $10.00 NSF fee will be applied to your next utility billing.

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Service Application Agreement

By electronically submitting this form, the applicant affirms that all information on the application is true and correct. The applicant assumes the full responsibility of the utility payment at the above service address. The applicant understands that the bill must be paid in full by the 10th of each month or is subject to disconnection of services. If disconnected, the applicant will be liable for a $25.00 turn on fee plus the entire amount of the bill to get reconnected. This agreement will remain in effect until the applicant notifies the water department. At that time, a final meter reading will be arranged and the applicant will be responsible for all services rendered through the final reading of the meter. The applicant understands that authorized agents of the City will need free access to their premises for purposes of repair service or inspection of City meter and components.