Fuel/Gas Permit for RV Auxillary Propane Tank

Building Safety

A fuel/gas permit and inspection is required for installation of an auxiliary LP storage tanks. Below are the following requirements that need to be met for an auxiliary LP storage tank:

  • Permits and inspections shall be required for installation of auxiliary LP storage tanks.
  • Installation shall be done by city licensed fuel/gas installer.
  • Cylinder shall be placed on a solid non-elevated surface.
  • Cylinder shall be secured in place.
  • Cylinder shall be placed in position safe from damage.
  • Connection at property/appliance/RV shall be in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Piping installed to convey fuel/gas from storage tank to RV shall conform to NFPA 58.
  • Auxiliary storage tanks shall be located a minimum of 10 feet from RV, or in accordance with Chapter 61 of the 2012 IFC (6104.3)
  • Piping for auxiliary tanks shall be protected from damage due to vehicular traffic and shall not pose as a trip hazard for pedestrian traffic.  Bury depth for piping shall be a minimum of 12 inches. Where subject to vehicle traffic, bury depth shall be a minimum of 24 inches.

Failure to obtain the proper permits will result in a fine and removal of auxiliary LP storage tank.