Housing Study Public Update

Dr. Troy Nash, the Author of the Comprehensive Housing Action Plan for the City of Williston, will be in town Tuesday evening, March 3, to present his findings on the Housing Study he performed the end of 2019.  The City Commission acknowledged his report at the January 28 City Commission Meeting.   Read Report

The City Commission also formed a new Housing Commission, which will explore the Williams County Housing Industry problems and opportunities.  This 9 person Commission will have 3-year staggered terms, and begin meeting immediately to promote and support Comprehensive Housing Solutions.  

 There will be a Public meeting and everyone who is interested in the Housing situation or has concerns about housing in Williston, is invited to attend the meeting at the Williston ARC (Area Recreation Center), from 6:30PM to 8:30PM.  Dr. Nash will be reviewing his findings and take any questions along the way.  There may be a few City and County Commissioners attending, along with the newly formed Housing Commission, and City staff.  Come be a part of the solution and voice your local housing concerns.  This Industry needs everyone to work together in order to resolve the high prices, low inventory, and lack of tradesmen in the building industry.