Planning & Zoning

Planning & Zoning

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ZONINGMAP2_8_16Mission Statement
To oversee and guide land use within the City's Jurisdiction in line with the goals of the Comprehensive plan to guide growth and change while preserving the values of the community of Williston.

113 4th St. E - Second Floor 



Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Planning Department

Williston Center for Development
113 4th Street East. P.O. Box 1306

PLEASE NOTE : a pre-application meeting with a Planner MUST be held at least a week PRIOR to any application being submitted. Applications will not be accepted without a pre-application meeting.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications are due the Friday 4 weeks prior to the Planning and Zoning meeting for the month your case will be heard in.

Planning and Zoning oversees land use within the Williston City Limits and one mile extraterritorial area. This includes administering the comprehensive plan, zoning ordinance, subdivision ordinance , and the Renaissance Zone .

Comprehensive Plan- The comprehensive plan is a policy guide based on community values to preserve those values and guide growth and change. The City of Williston Comprehensive Plan and associated documents can be found here .

Renaissance Zone- The Renaissance Zone is intended to encourage private investment to develop, renovate, rehabilitate and revitalize the downtown area. The objective of the Renaissance Zone program is to offer financial incentives that will encourage capital investments within the Zone needed to produce the desired economic, commercial, residential and entertainment outcomes. Information on the Renaissance Zone can be found here.